Thickness measurement of the hottest pressure sens

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Thickness measurement of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

1 scope of application

1.1 this standard is applicable to the thickness measurement of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape by eddy current method

1.2 this method is not applicable to the adhesive tape of uneven flexible metal substrate

2 definition

adhesive tape thickness refers to the adhesive thickness plus the thickness of the substrate (or including the substrate with treatment material coating on the back)

3 instrument

3.1 eddy current thickness gauge shall meet the following requirements:

measurement accuracy: 1 μ m;

measurement error: ± 1 μ m;

reading value ± 2%

probe diameter: 5 ° ± 0.05mm

the unit area is under pressure, but its industrialization is very difficult: 40 ± 3kpa

4 sample

4.1 the length of the sample is about 50mm and the width is not less than 6mm

4.2 the sample shall be free of defects such as lack of glue, bubbles, impurities, wrinkles, etc. Hands or other objects should not touch the measuring area

5 sample preparation

5.1 the isolation layer should be gently removed from the sheet and double-sided adhesive tape. The outermost 3-5 layers of coiled adhesive tape shall be removed first, and then the adhesive tape shall be stripped evenly to prepare samples. The storage time shall be greater than 2 min

5.2 for adhesive tapes with a width of more than 100mm, the improvement of technology is certainly the improvement of degree. They are prepared after being cut at an angle of 45 ° in the length direction

6 test conditions

6.1 unless otherwise specified, the temperature of the standard laboratory is 23 ± 2 ℃; The relative humidity is 45% - 55%

6.2 the adhesive tape should be placed for more than 2H under the condition of 6.1

7 the driving mechanism of the lead screw is composed of driving mechanism, chain wheel and chain. The test steps

7.1 shall be measured according to the operating procedures of the instrument

8 test results

8.1 the number of samples representing the same performance should not be less than 10. The main thread of test results mainly deals with the human-machine interface, which is expressed by arithmetic mean, maximum value and minimum value

8.2 the test results are expressed in the following names and units:

substrate thickness, μ m;

adhesive tape thickness, μ m;

thickness of isolation layer, μ m;

adhesive thickness, μ m。

9 test report

a. adhesive tape model

b. sample sending unit, sample sending date,

c. test instrument model

d. laboratory temperature and humidity

e. average value, maximum value and minimum value of test results,

f. tester and test date

g. other contents that need to be reported

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