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Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd. announcement on the change of name and business scope of the company

Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd. announcement on the change of name and business scope of the company

the board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that the contents of this announcement do not contain any false records, misleading statements or major omissions, and are responsible for the authenticity Accuracy and integrity bear individual and company

relevant public names mean that they are used for hoisting construction sites, and are widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power construction, ordnance manufacturing, port loading and unloading, electric power devices, machining, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields. Stock trends of the company

yaopi glass 11 81%


the 2010 annual general meeting of shareholders of the company considered and passed the proposal on the establishment of yaopi Glass Group and the proposal on the amendment of the articles of Association (see the relevant announcements of Shanghai Stock Exchange Station (), Shanghai Securities News and Hong Kong Wen Wei Po on May 3, 2011, when the experiment was not conducted for a long time)

the company has recently completed the industrial and commercial registration procedures for the company to change its name and business scope, and obtained a new business license for enterprise legal person. From now on, the company's name is changed to "Shanghai yaopi Glass Group Co., Ltd." and its English name is changed to "SYP Glass Group Co., Ltd.", The business scope is changed to "research and develop, produce all kinds of float glass, calendered glass, automotive glass, deep-processing glass and other special B-type glass series products, and sell self-produced products. The wholesale, import and export, commission agency (except auction) of the above similar commodities and raw and auxiliary materials, and provide relevant technical consulting, technical services and other supporting services. (if it does not involve state-run trade management commodities, but involves quota, license management, special provisions, quality inspection, security inspection management and other requirements, it is necessary to obtain the corresponding license in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state before carrying out business) (if it involves administrative license, please tighten the screws and operate with the license). "

the securities abbreviation, securities code, office address and contact information of the company remain unchanged.

it is hereby announced that the board of directors of Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd.

September 9, 2011

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