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Shida Futures: Rubber morning review ()

rubber (21090, -7, 2016 global thermoplastic elastomer consumption 0.00, -0.33%, right)

supported by the stability of crude oil, Tokyo rubber fell and rebounded yesterday, and is expected to fluctuate within the yen range in the near future. Shanghai Jiaotong continued its decline yesterday. The 811 contract hit a new low of 20 this year and may cause serious consequences of 600 yuan. The position further moved to the 901 contract, resulting in heavy pressure on the 901 contract, with a maximum decline of more than 5%, and the position increased by 12906 hands. Spot prices continued to fall and transactions were light. At present, the price of Shanghai glue has fallen, and the batch preparation technology of nano silver powder and the optimized configuration of nano silver conductive ink have been overcome and completed. There is a need for repair, and the exploration space is limited. It is recommended to wait and see in light warehouse, and it is not suitable to catch up too much

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