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Recently, the solar water heater market has appeared again: "the solar water heater market has entered a period of suffering, and 20 brands disappear every month". "In fact, this situation is an inevitable process for the development of the industry in the context of such a diversified market as China." Liu Jianli, marketing director of Shandong linuoruite new energy Co., Ltd., was outspoken about the current market situation of solar water heaters: "in fact, the disappearance of 20 brands per month is still a conservative data. According to our understanding, in the whole of 2010, China's solar water heater manufacturers lost nearly a thousand."

overdrawn market

"as a grass-roots industry, the development of solar energy industry in China stems from a group of" grass-roots heroes "who are committed to the cause of new energy and rely on the exploration of enterprises themselves." Liu Jianli told that this "grassroots industry" has developed rapidly and gradually become a "new rich" in the field of renewable energy, thanks to the national policy support for new energy

according to Liu Jianli, with the help of the renewable energy law issued in 2005 and the rapid development of the real estate industry, China's solar water heater industry ushered in the spring of the historical process from 2006 to 2009, and the growth rate of the water heater market has exceeded 30% in these years. Especially in 2009, the sales of solar water heaters on the market soared, and the industrial output value reached 58billion yuan, an increase of the total of the previous three years. It was also in this year that the solar water heater completed a magnificent turn from the "grassroots" industry to the "upstart" of energy. "The growth rate of water heater market has decreased to 15% in 2010, and this growth rate may continue to decrease in 2011." Liu Jianli believes that the reason for the slowdown in the growth of the solar water heater industry market is that, in addition to the weather and the local government's regulation and control policies on the real estate market, the most important factor is that "in 2009, the introduction of solar energy to the countryside accelerated the rapid popularization of solar water heaters in the rural market. After the introduction of the policy of home appliances to the countryside, many enterprises made great efforts to let Lite sell in order to seize the rural market, which overdraw the market to a considerable extent."

the industry is still in chaos

as we all know, solar water heater is an early and mature field in China to use solar energy. Moreover, China is the largest producer of solar water heaters in the world, and it has been in the world water heater market for many years. But until today, complaints about the quality and service of solar water heaters are still heard. Especially in recent years, in the action of solar energy products going to the countryside, problems such as "unusable products, unattended services, and unsecured accessories" are emerging one after another

it is understood that among the nearly 6000 domestic solar water heater enterprises, less than 20 enterprises truly have the capacity of large-scale production and independent research and development, and the rest are mostly local small workshops and non brand enterprises. Poor product inspection, disordered quality management, backward production technology, low price dumping, Jerry built and other phenomena are common in these small enterprises, resulting in chaos in the solar water heater market, there are many hidden dangers, and some enterprises are even facing a survival crisis

Liu Jianli said that it is an indispensable prerequisite for the further growth of China's solar industry to allow solar products to enter an era of universal and assured use

the way out for the "new rich"

in 2011, for the solar water heater market, "reshuffle" is inevitable. In fact, "industry 'reshuffle' began in 2010"

"whether the Haining near famous brand event or the slowdown of the water heater market caused by factors such as overdraft, it is a test of the vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the third line production enterprises." Liu Jianli pointed out that the technical threshold and capital access conditions of the solar water heater industry are low, and the country does not have a strict market access mechanism, which led many enterprises to follow suit. Due to weak technological innovation and weak autonomy, some enterprises chose "shortcuts" such as h-residual indentation deep counterfeiting and false publicity

a direct result of this is that "large and small enterprises are in hot and cold weather", "a large number of water heater manufacturers have been shuffled in the electrical and electronic industry in this market."

according to Liu Jianli, the policy of sending home appliances to the countryside has also accelerated the death of small and medium-sized water heater enterprises. "Before household appliances went to the countryside, first-line brands such as lenoret and Huangming were mainly based in cities, and their main focus was on medium and high-end products. The rural market was mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. With the downturn of the urban market in recent years, most enterprises turned their eyes to the broad rural market. Coupled with the promotion of the policy of home appliances going to the countryside, the rural market has also become the main market of first-line brands. First-line brands rely on their own technology, strength The advantages of network, brand and system market promotion directly compress the living space of small and medium-sized enterprises. "

"In fact, our utilization of solar thermal energy is still in its infancy. As a main form of thermal energy utilization, our water heater is only a device to provide hot water. From solar energy to provide hot water to industrial enterprises, it will breed a larger market. In 2010, the medium temperature solar vacuum collector tube developed by Renolit not only filled the technical gap of all glass vacuum solar collector tube in the temperature range of 150 ℃ It also realizes the transformation from hot water to heat energy. " Liu Jianli said, "In fact, this is an important trend in the application of solar energy technology and an important way out for the utilization of solar heat energy.

in addition, solar energy construction engineering has gradually become a new favorite in recent years. "In recent years, solar collectors used in construction projects have risen rapidly. In the past, the concept of a function of solar water heaters was hyped alone to provide solar energy system solutions invented by American scientists in 1931. Taking solar energy as a real energy to study the application in different environmental states is also an important trend in the development of solar thermal energy industry."

"In fact, the widest use space of solar thermal energy is industrial utilization and the sun's responsibility for work, family, relatives, friends, and everyone of us should shoulder the responsibility of thermal power generation. As long as it is a place where thermal energy can be used, solar energy can be used." Liu Jianli smiled

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