Hottest Shida futures rubber morning review 0822

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Shida Futures: Rubber morning review ()

rubber (23060530.00,2.35%, right)

driven by the weakness of the US dollar and the rebound of overnight crude oil, the benchmark contract of Tokyo rubber stood at 300 yen again yesterday. The main force of Shanghai Jiaotong rebounded with the outer market, breaking the 10 day average or covering the dust plug line to close up 725 yuan, and the 809 contract fell slightly by 100 yuan. The fundamentals of continuous increase in supply and weak demand make it difficult to reverse the weakness of rubber prices in the near future. Bulls use the rebound of crude oil to drive up rubber prices. It is expected that the low-level consolidation will continue in the near future. Pay attention to the change of crude oil price. Short term operation within the day is recommended δ The unit of normal stress is MPa

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