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IR has launched a rugged dual channel low side drive IC for cars

International Rectifier, a global leader in power semiconductors and management solutions, recently launched auirs4426s dual channel low side drive IC for automotive applications, including hybrid system drive, DC-1, sampling rules, fuel injection system, DC-DC converter, etc

auirs4426 adjustment new pole sealing operation sequence s for automobiles adopts 8-pin SOIC packaging. It is a solid low-voltage high-speed power MOSFET and IGBT Driver, which can match the transmission delay of two channels, thus simplifying the design

pandawei, vice president of sales in IR Asia, said: due to its rugged monolithic structure, auirs4426s is particularly suitable for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications that require robust and flexible solutions

auirs4426s has a gate drive voltage of 6V to 20V, a CMOS Schmidt trigger input, output and input are out of phase, and the input logic level is relatively low

the new device complies with aec-q100 standard and is developed under the vehicle quality concept of zero defect required by IR. The environmental protection materials used neither contain lead nor comply with the Hazardous Substances Control Directive (RoHS)

basic product specifications

auirs4426s is now accepting batch orders. The data sheet and application standard of the new device have been published in IR station

ir introduction

International Rectifier company (IR, NYSE code IRF) is a global leader in power semiconductors and management solutions. IR analog and mixed signal integrated circuits, advanced circuit devices Integrated power systems and devices are widely used to drive high-performance computing equipment and reduce the energy consumption of motors (motors are the world's most "cost saving energy consuming equipment") , is the power tube of many internationally renowned manufacturers to develop the next generation of computers, energy-saving appliances, lighting equipment, automobiles, satellite systems, aerospace and national defense systems, so the shrinkage rate is also a reasonable benchmark

Founded in 1947, IR is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in 20 countries. IR global station:, China Station:

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