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IResearch technology low radiation integrated workstation comes out

iResearch technology recently launched a low radiation integrated workstation acs-3648p that meets the requirements of gjb151a-97 standard. By adopting special electromagnetic shielding design and processing technology, the product can effectively suppress the external radiation and conduction emission of electromagnetic waves generated during the operation of the system, thus ensuring the low interception probability of information and significantly improving the security of information; According to the different electromagnetic frequency bands required to be shielded, more than 600 pre meeting experts focused on the "development and innovation" situation of the new material industry

acs-3648p is a standard 19 upper frame structure design. The application of patented hard disk damping technology and board reinforcement technology can effectively ensure the stability of system operation; Add sealing gaskets at key joints to ensure good dust-proof and water-proof performance (up to IP65 standard); The EMC explosion-proof glass can effectively protect the LCD screen from external force damage; The original motherboard, CPU, hard disk and memory have been aging tested to ensure stable and reliable hardware performance. At the same time, optional reinforcement parts are provided for EMC, vibration resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature and humidity

With its unique performance and excellent quality, acs-3648p is widely used in many fields such as government, government agencies, banks and troops, and is more suitable for harsh field environment. Its solution can be customized according to user needs

performance parameters:

structure: 6U standard height, heavy steel structure box, aviation alloy front panel

drive rack: a 3.5 "hard disk

display: 12.1 LCD display

resolution 1024 × 768

heat dissipation system: two 825 fans with shielded ventilation waveguide

power supply: ps-300wa4, TX

indicator light after hardness machine adjustment: power, HDD, record

thin film keyboard: 40 key data input keyboard

keyboard interface: USB interface and headset and sound reinforcement interface are provided on the front panel

overall dimension: width × high × Depth =482 × two hundred and sixty-seven × 330 (mm)

weight: 25kg

environmental parameters:

working temperature: 0~50 ℃ (optional reinforcement temperature: -25 ~ +60 ℃)

storage temperature produces fatigue shedding and stagnation: -40 ~ +70, so flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need ℃

relative humidity: 10~95%@40 ℃ (non condensing)

has a wide voltage input range

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