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Application of self-adhesive labels in plastic hose packaging in recent years, the traditional metal and glass containers in the daily chemical industry have been gradually replaced by lightweight plastic hose packaging. The reason is that plastic hose has the following advantages:

plastic hose is sanitary and convenient to use, and its surface is bright and beautiful. Therefore, it has been widely used in the packaging of paste cosmetics, such as facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, facial The packaging of hair conditioner, hair dye, toothpaste and other products, as well as the packaging of cream and paste externally used drugs in the pharmaceutical industry

plastic hose packaging is economical and convenient, easy to carry, and can be restored to its original state and maintain a good appearance even after high-strength body extrusion. The data shows that 60% - 70% of the hoses are used in cosmetics, and attention should be paid to the vertical industry of samples. 10% - 15 many domestic enterprises have developed independent technologies and achieved wide-ranging production.% of the hoses are used in the pharmaceutical industry, and about 5% are used in the food industry

therefore, how to better realize the design of products through hose packaging, manage the standard production concept of container floor testing machine, strengthen the decorative effect of hose packaging, so as to attract consumers more quickly. 3) the width of useful experimental task space:> 680 mm eyeball and fit the brand temperament has become an important topic for end users to think about

the main part of plastic hose includes pipe shoulder, pipe barrel (pipe body) and pipe tail, and the pipe barrel part is often decorated by direct printing or self-adhesive labels to carry text or pattern information and improve the value of product packaging

the decoration of hoses is mainly realized by direct printing and self-adhesive labels. Among them, direct printing includes silk printing and offset printing

compared with direct printing, the advantages of self-adhesive labels include:

printing diversity and stability: the traditional extrusion hose pre tube and then printing process usually uses offset printing and silk printing, while self-adhesive printing can use relief, flexo, offset printing, silk, bronzing and other diversified combination printing processes, and the difficult color performance is more stable and excellent

reduce inventory costs and risks: customers' demand for faster delivery time drives hose manufacturers to improve production efficiency. When printing directly, it is necessary to inventory finished hose products, which is more expensive. The supply cycle of self-adhesive labels is shorter, and only bare pipe inventory is required, which can reduce the risk of out of stock

at the same time, the self-adhesive label applied to the hose packaging must meet the following conditions:

the characteristics of high-strength body extrusion of the hose require that the label material has excellent extrusion resistance; The hose label material constantly pursues uniqueness and good hand feeling. The label deformation caused by the end sealing after filling requires the hose label material to have better softness and stronger adhesive to ensure a smooth and attractive appearance throughout the use process

the universality of hose applications has attracted attention to the weatherability and content resistance of labels; Hoses and labels need to withstand the harsh challenges of practical applications. For example, the hose packaging used for sun protection products needs to pass the strict test of sun resistance, high temperature and high humidity applications

recommendations for hose label products

in view of customers' needs for extrusion resistance and weather resistance, as well as customers' different labeling methods, Ellie Dennison recommends you four transparent products

in addition to transparent surface materials, white surface materials and bright silver surface materials can provide good performance on hoses, such as bright silver PE, white PE and primans

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