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Deputy oil minister of Iraq: the oil price will rise to $76 next year and soar further in 2018

deputy oil minister of Iraq: the oil price will rise to $76 next year and soar further in 2018

May 16, 2016

[China paint information] deputy oil minister Fay of Iraq has the advantages of efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. Yad al NIMA said on Thursday (May 12) that the crude oil price will rise in 2016 and the average price in 2017 will hit $76 a barrel, Meanwhile, oil prices further "soared" in 2018

after the Iraqi oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi stepped down in March this year, Al NIMA, who is currently the deputy minister, is assuming the responsibilities of the minister

he said on Thursday that the crude oil market is expected to rebalance in the second half of this year or 2017, and oil prices will continue to rise due to increased demand and reduced investment in the energy industry

al NIMA said, "Iraq hopes that the oil price can rise gradually to avoid the impact of faster rise on the economy, and hopes that the price can be lower than $100 a barrel."

he had better clean the machine to draw a happy end to the competition by changing the hydraulic oil; The screw should stay in the forward position. It is expected that the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other major oil producing countries hope to discuss the possibility of freezing production again at the OPEC oil conference on June 2 this year

however, Al NIMA stressed that although Iraq supported the production freeze agreement in the short term, it did not hope so in the long term

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