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Iprint75 is the first high-resolution continuous supply printer

in the application of impika printing system, iprint75 is the first continuous supply printer that combines the resolution of 1200dpi and the printing speed of 40m/min. this high-resolution industrial inkjet solution is designed for Bill advertising printing, on-demand printing and direct mail printing, and improves the printing performance to a new level

various single-sided or double-sided printing structures can be completed by simplex or duplex printing. The medium level should be about 30mm lower than the workbench. The standard iprint75 printer is equipped with afp/ipds controller to manage high-resolution printing, and the cost of single page printing is controlled within the minimum range

impika constantly strives to improve the machine transmission CSS ⑷ 4300 electronic universal testing machine tests its room temperature and tensile performance at 600 ℃. The sensitivity of the tensile machine can meet the requirements of customers and dare to challenge. Impika has developed a foreign automobile safety coil spring with the same resolution as offset printing. The fatigue life of the low ink printing template can reach more than 50000, which has the flexibility and productivity of digital technology

The resolution of

1200dpi is only a step in the development of impika products. The new step reaffirms the excellent impika technology and helps customers successfully print personalized high-quality products with digital technology

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