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The iron and steel industry ushered in good news: "tiegongji" outshines others

the iron and steel industry ushered in good news: "tiegongji" outshines others

China Construction machinery information

Guide: first, the transaction volume of the national real estate market last week rebounded significantly compared with that during the holiday period, and has basically recovered to the pre holiday level, but the rebound in transactions also led to a slight rise in house prices. If real estate enterprises do not actively guide consumers into the market with price for volume, In the second half of October, the property market turnover may be difficult to increase significantly, especially in

first, the real estate market

last week, the transaction volume of the national real estate market rebounded significantly compared with the holiday period, and has basically recovered to the pre holiday level, but the rebound in transactions also led to a slight rise in house prices. If the real estate enterprises do not actively guide consumers to enter the market "in terms of price for volume", the transaction volume of the real estate market in the second half of October may be difficult to increase significantly, especially when the purchase restriction and other regulatory policies are still tight. The right to examine and approve the pre-sale permit of commercial housing has been delegated to the housing management department of the county-level government, which can output any pressure value according to the actual needs, which will speed up the examination and approval of real estate projects and have a positive impact on increasing supply and curbing house prices; In June, the construction of affordable housing nationwide has basically completed the annual plan target, and the completed affordable housing will be accelerated to enter the market, which will play a positive role in consolidating the results of real estate market regulation and operation according to the actual utilization. In addition, recently, a number of real estate enterprises have increased financing, and many real estate enterprises are still highly motivated to acquire land

on the whole, it is expected that the short-term land market will remain active; The transaction volume of the property market may still be dominated by slow growth; It is still difficult to relieve the inventory and capital pressure of real estate enterprises, but short-term real estate enterprises lack the power to reduce prices, and their sales strategy may still be based on "parity volume"; House prices may still fluctuate in a narrow range

II. Infrastructure construction

recently, infrastructure construction in various fields is still being vigorously promoted. (1) In terms of highway construction, the construction of the planned out of District roads in Inner Mongolia this year is about to be completed, and the overall completion of transportation and livelihood projects such as rural roads in Sichuan is close to the annual goal. 38 highway projects under construction in Hunan are progressing smoothly, the Guangxi Fangchenggang comprehensive transportation hub project is under construction, and the longest highway tunnel in Ningxia is officially under construction; (2) In terms of railway construction, Jingyue railway has entered the stage of comprehensive construction and implementation; (3) In terms of energy infrastructure, the third west east gas pipeline project was launched; (4) In terms of nuclear power construction, the Ministry of environmental protection has significantly accelerated the approval of nuclear power projects, and recently approved the Wafangdian Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 and unit 2 projects. The expectation of nuclear power restart has increased again. According to relevant statistics, 27 nuclear power plants are still under construction; (5) In terms of water conservancy construction, recently, the progress of water conservancy projects has accelerated, and the orders of pipeline companies have increased significantly; (6 show people a new face full of vitality and imagination) in terms of construction funds, recently, a number of local financing platforms such as China Southern Power and China Railway Construction issued or planned to issue financing bills of more than 25 billion yuan. From the above situation, the recovery of short-term infrastructure may still be strong

III. automobile industry

automobile sales fell slightly year-on-year in September, mainly affected by the shrinking sales of domestic Japanese cars and the sluggish sales of commercial vehicles, while automobile exports still rebounded sharply in the month. At present, the backlog of Japanese garages has increased, the plight of dealers has intensified, and some Japanese cars will still be forced to temporarily stop production; The domestic real economy is still declining, oil prices are still high, and it is difficult for short-term commercial vehicle sales to rebound significantly; The European debt crisis accelerated the contraction of the European auto market in September, or increased the pressure on auto exports in the later period. On the whole, it is expected that in the short term, the sales of vehicles with 3D printing technology suitable for industrialization may still grow slowly

IV. shipbuilding industry

the risk of the world economy falling into a more serious recession due to the European debt crisis and the US "fiscal cliff" still exists, and the shipping market is still hovering at the bottom. The three major domestic shipbuilding indicators continued to decline in January, and the short-term demand rebound is not enough to reverse the downward trend of the entire shipbuilding industry. If the order volume cannot continue to rise sharply in the later period, more small and medium-sized ship enterprises will stop production or even be eliminated

v. machinery industry

in September, the export of mechanical and electrical products still maintained a steady growth, and its export momentum may continue to favor in the short term. Excavator sales increased slightly month on month, but still fell sharply year-on-year, mainly due to the tight construction funds for related projects this year and the large stock of construction equipment. In addition, at the beginning of September, Brazil once again raised the import tariff of construction machinery, and Latin America such as Brazil plays an important role in China's construction machinery export. This tariff increase will inevitably cause a heavy blow to China's construction machinery export, and then affect the production and sales of the whole construction machinery. It is expected that the short-term sales of construction machinery may still be dominated by moderate growth

from the analysis of the above industries, in addition to the continued strong growth rate of infrastructure, the growth rate of short-term real estate remains to be observed, the growth rate of automobile, shipbuilding and machinery industries is still relatively slow, and the downstream of the whole steel market has not seen a significant recovery in the traditional "peak season", especially the overall performance of the manufacturing industry is still relatively weak

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