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The application of sheet molding compound in the processing of plastics for automobiles

sheet molding compound (SMC) is a semi-finished sheet molding compound (sheet) produced by SMC unit, which is covered with plastic film on the top and bottom, resin paste (containing resin, curing agent, thickener, filler and some auxiliary materials) impregnated with chopped fiber (about 25mm long) or chopped fiber felt, and used in dry molding process

bulk molding compound (BMC) is a semi-finished loose molding compound used in thousand process molding or injection molding process by fully stirring and impregnating resin paste and chopped fiber (3-12mm long) with a kneader

compared with steel auto parts, SMC auto parts molded with plastic have many advantages, such as: (1) short production cycle, convenient for auto modification, and good investment benefit; (2) Light weight, fuel saving, less pollution; (3) Freedom of design; (4) The integrity of the parts is good, and the number of parts is small; (5) Good durability and heat insulation. SMC also has disadvantages, such as: (1) it is not recyclable and pollutes the environment; (2) Although the performance and price are relatively good, the one-time investment (such as SMC units, presses and molds) is often higher than the corresponding steel parts

smc automotive products are divided into four categories: (1) functional parts with clear functions, such as oil pan corrosion resistance and heat insulation plate high temperature resistance; (2) The outer plate of the car shell is divided into two types: the vertical outer plate (such as side plate and door) and the horizontal outer plate (such as roof and hood). The current situation of domestic testing instruments is difficult due to low-grade homogeneous competition of cars, the "crowding out" of bidding, the constraints of foreign hidden technical barriers and other factors. The shell requirements meet the grade a table. The State Council decided to establish the national leading group for the development of new material industry (hereinafter referred to as the leading group). At present, cars The outer plates of light trucks are worth $30billion, while the proportion of SMC outer plates is very small (except for the United States), but the car SMC shell (especially the engine hood) is developing rapidly; (3) The structural parts, impact strength and overall structure are excellent, and the design is free to ensure that the driver and passengers are safe after the crash, such as the space frame of formula one (n) racing cars and cars; (4) Semi structural parts have good mechanical strength, versatility and integrity, such as radiator brackets and beams, which play the role of supporting the instrument panel). For example, there are only two SMC brackets for the lower radiator in the front wall of Taurus and Mercury Sable cars (the original steel bracket has 22 parts), which greatly reduces the quality and cost Don Peide, covestro's CEO designate, said: "Covestro represents a new and ambitious vision and brilliant future of an innovation driven polymer company. 14% lower.

many new plastic molding processes are developed under the promotion of the automotive industry. In today's fierce competition, only by continuous innovation and development of new plastic molding processing processes can we meet the needs of automotive lightweight and compete in the load system 1 of the Future City No. 5 rubber electronic universal testing machine Occupy more share in the competition. Without mastering special new technology, the enterprise has no future. With the development of new processes and the in-depth research of application technology, they will be more and more widely used in the field of automotive plastic molding and processing

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