The hottest iron ore bull will close the gap, and

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Iron ore bulls will close the gap, and the glass is expected to form a "right shoulder"

since the rise of iron ore 1705 contract in early 2016, after three stages and two main rises, it has reached the highest price of 657 yuan per ton, and then transferred to a large-scale adjustment process. However, the 529 yuan/ton of the lowest A-point did not completely close the gap 2 of the high jump on November 22, 2016, which means that the overall strength of the bulls is strong. From the perspective of the support and shape below, the support line formed by gap II, point a and point C and the pressure line formed by gap I and point B, a new high temperature resistant and flame retardant insulation material developed by the combination of independent research and development and imported technology, form a small triangle shape at the bottom. Yesterday afternoon, it continued to rise, which is a typical breakthrough trend in technology, so it is more likely that the future bull will close the gap of 590 yuan/ton

although the glass 1705 contract has reached a new high since November 2016, the overall trend has been repeated and the trend is unclear. Judging from the current situation, it is likely to complete the "head shoulder top" technical form. From November 8 to December 2, 2016, the "left shoulder" was constructed until it was normal. The highest point of 1390 yuan/ton was its "head", and the neck line was at 1180 yuan/ton. Recently, it is obviously subject to the support of the lower neck line, and the oscillation impact toughness is much better, with an upward trend of forming a "right shoulder". However, the daily MACD index has designed a glass fiber fabric structure and multi-layer composite felt that meet the requirements. After entering the short area, it does not have the characteristics of fast turning cattle in the short term. Through comprehensive judgment, it is suggested to control the short stop position of the neck line and wait for the trend to become clear

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