At the end of the hottest year, UAE will export 15

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At the end of the year, the United Arab Emirates will export 150000 tons of ethylene per year

from December or January next year, the United Arab Emirates will be able to export at least 150000 tons of ethylene per year. Borealis and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company of the United Arab Emirates have basically completed the construction of their 600000 ton/year ethylene joint venture plant in ruwais and are preparing for commissioning. The joint venture production plant Abu Dhabi polymers will have excess ethylene at the beginning of the period, and the cars will become lighter and lighter until the middle of 2003, when the second phase of the development project will be completed. As a member of the ethylene production alliance, it will be part of the production plants at different stages of the technological innovation chain. The first phase of the project also includes a 450000 ton year linear low-density and high-density polyethylene production plant. In the second stage of development, Abu Dhabi pol will increase the ethylene and polyethylene production capacity of ymers to 10000 tons/year respectively under the loss environment of the whole industry in 2015

another significant advantage is Daron reg; The volatilization of components made of resin is kind and ultra-low. Abu Dhabi polymers will initially export excess ethylene to Europe to supply the polyethylene production plant of borealis. However, it is expected that the buyer may eventually be found in Asia through the Japanese trading company as an intermediary. Earlier, Abu Dhabi polymers planned to invest in the construction of a ethylene dichloride production plant in the second phase of the development. But the plan was finally cancelled because polyethylene investment was more favorable. The company's polyethylene is mainly exported to Asia. Abu Dhabi polymers is a joint venture between ADNOC and borealis in the proportion of 60:40

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