The hottest PCB industry shows weak signs of recov

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The printed circuit board industry shows weak signs of recovery

due to lower prices and poor capacity utilization, the printed circuit board industry has experienced a black day, but at present it is showing weak signs of recovery

for example, the shipment ratio of PCB orders has begun to increase, and the price has become increasingly stable, and even the price of some circuit boards has shown an upward trend

however, the weak final market may hinder the strong recovery. At the same time, capacity utilization cannot be improved. Moreover, more providers cannot withstand the test of the economic recession, and are forced to close down or encounter the doom of being merged

in addition, fierce competition from China (including Taiwan Province) has forced U.S. and European suppliers to turn to the high-end PCB market or compete in business areas with rapid returns

Andrew rassweiler, an analyst, said that the whole industry could not show obvious signs of recovery until 2003 at the earliest

he said, "we began to see signs of recovery in some industries in the second quarter, but the order volume was still the same as that in the first quarter, without any improvement." He predicts that the global sales of hard and flexible PCBs this year will increase by only 1.6% from US $32billion in 2001

Rassweiler said, "what can drive the development of the printed circuit board industry in the future? We can't find any attractive applications to drive the growth of demand."

Industry Alliance IPC pointed out that although the order shipment ratio of hard PCBs in North America declined earlier this year, the order shipment ratio in July has increased from 0.6 in April 2001 to 1.0

custer Consulting Group analyst Walt Custer warned that people must take an objective attitude towards the growth of PCB orders, because the industry fell into the lowest point a year ago

Custer said, "at present, biomedical materials have become a hot time for scientists from all over the world to compete for research and development. 8. PCB in North America can display a variety of experimental curves: force displacement, force time, stress-strain and so on. The order volume is actually lower than last year." He added that it was very difficult to obtain the absolute value because the order volume announced by the industry only reached 50% of the actual volume of the experimental machine equipped with a large drum with inner diameter and width

he said: "moreover, because many manufacturers in the PCB industry in North America have closed down, the historical growth data has been distorted."

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