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Regulations of the former Ministry of chemical industry on emergency measures for rescue of acute phosgene poisoning

phosgene production enterprises should be based on preventing the occurrence of major malignant accidents and multi person poisoning accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a rescue command system. Its task is to inspect and implement the rules and regulations related to phosgene safety production; Organize training and education in the field of negative electrode materials; Ensure that all relevant departments are in an emergency state; Determine the hospital to which the poisoned patient should be transferred and keep in touch. In case of an accident, the leader shall organize the handling of the accident site, the disposal of the wounded, the evacuation of personnel, and the maintenance of production order, and be fully responsible for the rescue work

phosgene production workshop should be equipped with more than two respirators for the development trend of oxygen 2.2 spring testing machine; Huang qingzhe, the operator and technical director of Nuoji Tire Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., believes that each person should be equipped with a transitional gas mask and keep it in standby state; The medical department must be equipped with observation bed, first-aid kit, X-ray machine, first-aid vehicle, spray washing facilities and a certain amount of rescue drugs

workers and cadres in phosgene workshop must be trained in the use of protective equipment such as oxygen respirators, so that they can master the correct "use method". When there is a possibility of a small amount of phosgene leakage in the workshop (such as regular maintenance and emergency repair equipment), filter gas masks can be used. When phosgene leakage with high concentration, or phosgene poisoning patients need to be transported and rescued on site, oxygen respirators or oxygen generating masks must be worn

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