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The regulation and control objectives and main work of the petrochemical industry in 2002 b0.15

the regulation and control objectives and main work of the petrochemical industry in 2002

February 26, 2002

learned from the economic operation Bureau of the State Economic and Trade Commission that the State Economic and Trade Commission recently put forward the regulation and control objectives and main work of the petrochemical industry in 2002 in the notice of the guiding opinions on the regulation and control of total amount and structure in 2002

regulation target: industrial added value increased by 10%; Crude oil output is 166 million tons, natural gas output is 31.1 billion cubic meters, and crude oil processing capacity is 202 million tons. The total production of chemical fertilizer is 33.5 million tons (converted into pure), including 24.5 million tons of nitrogen

fertilizer, 7.8 million tons of phosphorus fertilizer and 1.2 million tons of potassium fertilizer

main work: 1. The reference standard when passing the tensile machine test is: gb/t 228 ⑵ 002. Consolidate the achievements of small-scale production and strengthen the elimination of backward. Continue to consolidate, clean up and rectify Saint Gobain high performance plastics (SGPPL), so it has become the first company to obtain the qualification of TORLON Pai injection molding processor in two different regions of the world. The achievements of small refinery

have been rectified, the order of crude oil exploitation and production has been rectified, indigenous refinery sites have been resolutely banned, the layout of oil refining industry has been adjusted, and a number of backward and idle oil refining units have been cleaned out

2. Accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and promote the optimization and reorganization of enterprises and the optimal allocation of resources. Accelerate the implementation of the strategy of "going out" and increase the output of crude oil and natural gas from overseas invested oilfields; Increase domestic exploration investment and strive to improve the proved reserves; Study and promote the merger and reorganization of local oil enterprises and optimize the allocation of crude oil; Speed up the transformation of oil refining technology and equipment, improve the processing capacity of high sulfur crude oil, improve the quality of refined oil products, and increase the production proportion of special materials for differentiated fibers and synthetic trees; Increase the output of high concentration phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer, adjust the production proportion of pesticide varieties, and reduce the output of high toxic and high residue pesticides; Increase the variety and specification of tires, compress the production capacity and output of bias tires, and improve the radial ratio of


3. Strengthen the regulation of total amount and maintain the balance between supply and demand. Continue to implement the regulation and control of the total amount of crude oil and refined oil, do a good job in the unified allocation of crude oil, formulate annual operation plans for crude oil and refined oil, regulate and control them quarterly, and analyze the new urbanization goals announced by the State Council of China on a monthly basis. Do a good job in the preliminary distribution plan of

imported chemical fertilizers, and the imported chemical fertilizers should give priority to meeting the needs of enterprises producing phosphate and compound fertilizers and potassium sulfate. Control the total amount of pure

soda and caustic soda, expand the export of the two soda and maintain the stability of the domestic market. Standardize the order of pesticide production, adjust pesticide products and enterprise structure

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